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Any School funded by the Yukon Government is eligible to apply for funding to support a school food program provided they are prepared to agree to the following:

  • The recipient will ensure the funded program embraces the YFFLA's Vision:
    Our vision is a Yukon where every student has access to nutritious healthy food while at school. YFFLA will support school-based nutrition programs and will encourage lifelong healthy eating programs.
  • Upon request, the recipient will permit YFFLA or persons authorized by it to perform a review and/or evaluation of the activities for which the funds were granted.
  • The recipient will abide by all other terms and conditions of the grant that may be imposed by YFFLA at the time of funding.
  • When requested, the recipient will provide a report on the operation of the school food program in their school. The report may include a report on types of meals provided and the number of students served.
  • A financial report will be required for the August to January period and the February to June period. This must include the amount of funding spent in each period, the amount recieved from other sources and the amount remaining on hand.


The call for applications will be sent out to each school shortly after the start of each school year and granting decisions are made by the board in the fall.


YFFLA also has some funding that can be used to buy equipment needed by the schools to support their school food program. Once the fall grants are completed, notice will be sent to each school asking what, in any, eqipment they need.

Forms and other downloads.

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From to time, YFFLA recieves information about funding or resources that may be useful to schools in the Yukon. Information will be posted here.

Our goal is to tackle food insecurity by helping people grow fresh product at home, in the classroom and the community!


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Kids learn about nutrition from what they see around them at school & at home. Involve your kids in the kitchen!

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15-20 minutes

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Lightly grease 12 cup muffin pan

2 cups whole


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