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Carmacks, Yukon

Carmacks is a community in central Yukon with about 500 year-round residents. It is located at the confluence of the Nordenskiold and Yukon Rivers. It is 180 kilometres north of Whitehorse and 360 kilometres south of Dawson City on the North Klondike Highway. The town takes its name from George Carmack one of the discoverers of the Klondike gold.

It is home to the Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation. They are part of the Northern Tutchone language and cultural grouping and are closely affiliated with the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun of Mayo and the Selkirk First Nation of Pelly Crossing, their Northern Tutchone neighbours. The three First Nations are formally associated through the Northern Tutchone Tribal Council, an organization which takes responsibility for some program and services areas of common interest and concern.

Tantalus School

Tantalus School

Tantalus Hats Edan Ku prepares students to contribute, self-sufficient and self-confident members of society. With Parents & Guardians and our School-Community, students learn though engagement and in a safe learning environment. Programs reflect our Northern Tutchone values of caring, sharing, and respect.

There are 112 students at Tantalus School from K-4 to grade 12.

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Tantalus’s School Food Program

Over the past few years the food program at the school has played a key role in the student’s successes.

The funding that the school receives from Yukon Food for Learning Association is provided by Yukon Health and Social Services and Breakfast for Learning.

In addition to this funding, the school has posted the following on its website:

Partner organizations help the school food program make a difference in Carmacks

The Tantalus Community School food program has made a lasting and positive impact on students in Carmacks.

A full belly fosters an open mind. Healthful breakfasts and hot lunches are available daily for Tantalus students thanks to funding from the Yukon Food for Learning Association and the remarkable support of partners like the Casino Mining Corporation, Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation and others.

The Yukon Food for Learning Association is funded by:

  • the Yukon Department of Health and Social Services
  • two national charities (Breakfast for Learning and the Breakfast Club of Canada)
  • Global Change for Children, a charitable organization formed by women who work primarily in the mineral exploration and mining industry

But the generous funding by Yukon Food for Learning does not cover the full cost of two meals per day for Tantalus students.

Tantalus Community School is only able to provide a full service food program thanks to an additional $5,000 per year from the Casino Mining Corporation, $3,000 per year from Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation, and additional support from organizations like the Carmacks Hotel and Rockhaven Resources.

Sharing meals and building community

Tantalus school’s sense of community is strengthened by bringing students and staff together regularly at meal times. Our school is a happy, healthy and positive space for the young minds of Carmacks.

A student who has eaten a good meal has a much easier time concentrating in class. This naturally leads to greater academic success and significantly reduces the number of behaviour-related interruptions in a given day.

Educators have noted that students display an elevated level of discipline compared with just a few years ago. A positive and constructive school community has been built at Tantalus, and it’s something of which we are all very proud.

Students making meals, learning new skills

Working with Gisele Larkin, an Educational Assistant who administers the school food program at Tantalus, students learn how to prepare and cook healthy meals, which is a valuable skill that fosters long-term success in life.

Young women learning together

Community partners have provided additional opportunities for Tantalus students. During the 2014-15 school year, our school was able to host a once-per-month workshop for young women made possible through a partnership spearheaded by Casino Mines’ Claudia Riveros with the help of Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation.

Each month, Claudia would arrange to have an artist, artisan, or tradesperson come and work with the girls to show them various occupations to consider. These workshops hosted activities such as making sushi, esthetics and music. It was a wonderful project that was received very well by the community.

A heartfelt thank you

With help from various partners, Tantalus Community School is a positive, progressive and empowering place for the young people of Carmacks.

We would like to sincerely thank the Yukon Food for Learning Association, the Casino Mining Corporation, Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation and all contributors for all their help and support over the years.

Together, we are making a real difference in the lives of our young people.

Thank you to --- everyone!

Yukon Health Breakfast Club