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Teslin, Yukon

Teslin is a small village located in the Yukon Territory at Mile 804 (Km. 1244) on the Alaska Highway. It is bordered by the waters of Nisutlin Bay and Teslin Lake. Today, Teslin is home to approximately 450 people. These inhabitants enjoy a prosperous community with such facilities as an airport, museums, R.C.M Police Detachment, school, community centre, health unit, post office, motels, restaurants, and a general store.

It is home to the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC). TTS is a self-governing First Nation. Teslin Tlingit people have shared ancestry with the coastal Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska and the Inland Tlingit people of Taku River First Nation and Carcross-Tagish First Nation. There are five Teslin Tlingit Clans, which play a central role in TTC’s government structure.

Teslin School

Teslin School

Teslin School serves 54 pre-kindergarten to grade 9 students and an alternative high school program in a rural setting. Almost all of the students are of aboriginal ancestry, with the majority being citizens of Teslin Tlingit Council First Nation (TTC).

TTC maintains a high level of involvement in the school and is very supportive of school programming and of efforts to improve the academic achievement of students and their social responsibility.

TTC support includes funding for an Education Support Worker in the school, Elders in the School, and cultural and experiential activities. Students have a developing sense of pride in the Tlingit heritage, history, and language. There is a growing sense of “family” in the school.

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Teslin’s School Food Program

Teslin has a breakfast, lunch and snack program for the students.

The funding that the school receives from Yukon Food for Learning Association is provided by Yukon Health and Social Services and Breakfast Club of Canada.

Teslin Tlingit Council also supports the school food program by providing a “school-wide” lunch every 2 weeks.

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Yukon Health Breakfast for Learning TTC