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Selkirk Elementary School

Selkirk Elementary School

Selkirk is a collaborative school community that continues to build a shared capacity to provide culturally relevant programs and learning experiences that support the values and learning needs of the students and families it serves. We recognize the importance of working together to develop the relationships, mutual caring and trust that best support student learning and achievement.

The mission statement for this school is “Selkirk Elementary is committed to meeting the diverse needs of students in academics and social responsibility. Through mutual respect, we will help students reach their potential as learners and take pride in their accomplishments, school, community and the environment.”

This is a K to Grade 7 School serving 188 students.

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Selkirk Elementary School - School Food Program

Selkirk Elementary School has foods available for any student that needs breakfast, lunch or snacks. The greatest need is for lunches and during the last school year 1247 asked the school for lunch.

The prinicpal says:

“Your program is outstanding! It allows our staff to provide food for students in need of nutritional support who may arrive in the morning without having had breakfast or a packed lunch. The staff are discrete in providing food for those who need it, and are available on a daily basis to provide food in the morning, at recess, and to make simple and nutritious lunches in our kitchen for the 4 to 8 students who have arrived without one each day.. From time to time, we have also used funds to teach students about healthy snacks and have included students in preparing and providing snacks to their classmates.

Our school community is an excellent one, possessing many strengths,but also includes families who experience challenges providing food and support for their children. YFFL has given us a way to fill this need. We thank you for your ongoing support on behalf of our children and families!”

The funding that the school receives from Yukon Food for Learning Association is provided by Yukon Health and Social Services.

Thank you!

Yukon Health