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Individual Learning Centre

The ILC is a drop-in learning center for youth aged 15-21 who are looking for an alternative to the regular school system. The students work independently in a self-paced learning environment with individual support.

Students work towards graduation, either with a B.C. Dogwood or Adult Graduation Certificate. The B.C. Dogwood Certificate requires a minimum of 80 course credits and an Adult Graduation requires a minimum of 20 credits.

The ILC offers flexible hours for students who may have full time employment and/or family commitments that prevent them from having a set timetable. The hours of operation for students are 7:30am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-3pm on Fridays.

They offer core subjects grades 9 through 12, a variety of electives, and cultural/ experiential/ land-based educational opportunities. Students are able to cross enroll with other Yukon high schools, as well as access distance learning through the Aurora Virtual School, which is based out of the same building as the ILC.

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Individual Learning Centre - School Food Program

ILC always has food available for the students. There are 35 to 40 hungry teenagers and young adults there for breakfast and lunch at various times of the day. Snacks are available at all times and at least 50 students have one or more snacks per day.

When asked about the value of the food program for ILC the principal said:

“A school food program is an integral part of the ILC. Food is often our first connection with our students and important in building and fostering the relationship that connects the students to school and staff. It brings students to school and keeps them at school, as they do not have to leave if hungry or if they have forgotten to or not able to bring a lunch or snack. Having food available for growing adolescents helps them to focus and stay engaged in their studies.

“Feed the body, feed the brain.”

It helps to build a sense of community among students and staff. It provides an opportunity for students to learn and engage in good shopping strategies, healthy eating habits and food preparation skills that they may not get elsewhere. It may often be the only healthy food the students have access to all day/week. Having a food program creates an atmosphere that is welcoming, safe and secure. It provides a chance to share healthy meals and snack with our school community. Food is fun, enjoyable and everyone can appreciate a good meal.”

The funding that the school receives from Yukon Food for Learning Association is provided by Yukon Health and Social Services and Breakfast Club of Canada.

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Yukon Health Breakfast Club