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Holy Family Elementary School

Holy Family Elementary School

This school’s mission statement is “To educate children in a Catholic learning environment. Through the sharing of knowledge and Christian values and by celebrating our Catholic faith, students are assisted in developing a personal faith and an understanding and appreciation of self and others.

Each child has the opportunity to strive for academic excellence and to reach his or her potential as a life-long learner. The uniqueness of each child is celebrated.”

This is a K to Grade 7 school with a total of 172 students.

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Holy Family Elementary School - School Food Program

Holy Family School has breakfast, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks available for students who need some extra nourishment at school.

They serve 2 to 5 student breakfast each day, and few more than that for lunch and 2 or 3 students per day ask for a snack.

A teacher at Holy Family School asked the Grade 7 students to prepare a paragraph on the importance of the YFFLA program in their school. The seven responses she received are attached below.

The funding that the school receives from Yukon Food for Learning Association is provided by Yukon Health and Social Services.

There are a number of community supporters for Holy Family Elementary School:

As the school coordinator said: “The Superstore Pancake Breakfast was wonderful! Not only did we receive pancakes (and enough to freeze and we are still serving them) but yogurt, apples, oranges and bananas were donated to the food for learning program in our school.”

Thank you to --- everyone!

Yukon Health

Thoughts from the Grade 7 Students at Holy Family School

Teacher - Each of the grade 7 students have prepared a little paragraph on the importance of the FFL program in our school and in our community. I have chosen 7 paragraphs to send to you and we are also creating a poster for our school with all of their creations. Each student took the time to think about this wonderful program that is available to schools in Whitehorse.

A – The food for learning association is good for kids whose families who can’t afford enough and need more so no one goes hunger. If you have no food in your stomach you will not have enough energy for the rest of the day and it will have an effect on your learning. This is what the food for learning means to me.

B – I think the YFFLA is good because if kids forget their lunch they can’t work well. Also some families can’t afford food so that might be the only meal they get for the day. The last thing is that we give healthy options so kids eat well.

C – I think that YFFLA is very important, because if someone forgets their lunch or they need more food, they can go to the kitchen and get something to eat. Eating is very important, because it helps you learn better. Being nourished also helps keep you in a better mood and you won’t be distracted by hunger when you should be focussed on learning. YFFLA is important for kids whose families can’t afford to get enough food for them. We don’t want anyone to go hungry. Not only does YFFLA give kids food, it also promoters food option that keep you happy and healthy! These are some of the important reasons why I think we need YFFLA in our school.

J – I think that it’s important to have a good meal so you are not tired in class. I also think it’s a really nice thing that everyone gives a little bit of food to the poor who can’t afford it. For in the school it’s good to know that we have food here in case someone forgets their lunch or doesn’t have enough.

P – I think that food for learning is a good thing because then if kids forget their lunches or if they didn’t have enough food in their lunches. If kids didn’t have breakfast in the morning, then they can ask a teacher and they can get something to eat for them. I think it is fun in the kitchen because then you can learn to make things that you didn’t before.

P’r - I think that the food for learning program is good because if kids forget their lunch or just don’t have enough to eat then they can come and get some food. If the kids were in a hurry to get to school in the morning then they can come and get something from the kitchen. I also think that the food for learning program is good because we get to have some fun. We also learn how to be responsible. That is why I think the food for learning program is good.

J’e – Why do I think food for learning is good? That’s a good question. Well in are school and in a lot of schools kids forget their lunches or don’t have enough snacks. When ANYBODY doesn’t get enough food they can’t think and when somebody can’t think they can’t work they don’t learn ANYTHING. That’s all I have to say about food for learning that it’s really awesome and I hope it keeps going even when I graduate.