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F. H. Collins Secondary School

This school was named after a former commissioner of the Yukon Territory, Fredrick Howard Collins, who served as commissioner from 1955 to 1962. During his term in office, he initiated several changes in the field of education and much improved the standards of the system. The school offers a full high school curriculum, to provide full opportunities for students. A Northern Studies program, a course of strictly northern history, crafts, economics and development, is offered to enable students to become more aware of their own heritage.

This is a Grade 8 to 12 school with a total of 684 students, 474 in the English Program and 210 in French Immersion.

The mission of F. H. Collins Secondary School is to provide an atmosphere in which students strive to reach their potential and develop a lifelong interest in learning through the involvement of students, educators, parents and the community. The school is somewhat unique given its recognized courses and quality programs such as: French Immersion, Teen Parent Centre, and the specialized experiential programs offered at the Wood Street Centre. The school also has Shared Resource classes, and a diverse array of courses in academics, trades, and even offering aviation.

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F.H. Collins Secondary School - School Food Program

FHCSS has a cafeteria and any student who has forgotten their lunch or was unable to bring on can get a lunch coupon to take to the cafeteria. In addition any student can come to the school office at any time to get an apple or other snack to help them get through the day.

The Vice-Principal said it best:

“The Food for Learning Program means here at F.H. Collins we can provide food for hungry students. This means that students can focus on their education rather than from where their next meal is coming. Any student can come to the school office and get an apple, no questions asked, and this is just enough to get them through the day. But Food for Learning is more than that. At FHC our school counsellors give out lunch coupons that students can use at our school cafeteria. Unfortunately, there is a core of students who have to take advantage of these lunch coupons several times a week. Without the Food for Learning program, my concern is that these students would go hungry most days while at school, meaning most days they wouldn’t be able to focus on why they are really here – for an education.”

The funding that the school receives from Yukon Food for Learning Association is provided by Yukon Health and Social Services.

In addition, to this funding Alpine Bakery has helped the school over the years by supplying cases of fruit at very favourable prices.

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