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Carcross, Yukon

Carcross, originally known as Caribou Crossing, is an unincorporated community in Yukon, Canada, on Bennett Lake and Nares Lake. It is 74 km south-southeast by the Alaska Highway and the Klondike Highway from Whitehorse.

The south end of the Tagish Road is in Carcross. Carcross is also on the White Pass and Yukon Route railway. The current population of Carcross is about 400 and is home to the Carcross Tagish First Nation, a self-governing Yukon First Nation.

Ghùch Tlâ Community School

Ghùch Tlâ Community School

Ghùch Tlâ Community School is located in the community of Carcross, which is situated in the Southern Lakes region of Yukon, about a 45-minute drive from Whitehorse.

There are 41 students enrolled in Ghùch Tlâ Community School in K-4 to Grade 10. The majority of the students are Carcross/Tagish First Nation and come from the community of Carcross and the surrounding area. Our teaching staff consists of seven teachers (including two Native Language teachers), two educational assistants. a remedial tutor and a part time librarian.

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Ghùch Tlâ School Food Program

The school operates a breakfast, lunch and snack program. The funding that the school receives from Yukon Food for Learning Association is provided by Yukon Health and Social Services and Breakfast Club of Canada.

About 15 students access the breakfast program each day. The number of students accessing the snack program varies.

The school has a community volunteer that takes care of buying all the groceries for the food program and who volunteers to cook once a week.

In addition, the community nurses, CFTN staff, school council, the principal and staff each take one day per week to cook breakfast for the students. CTFN is very involved with the school. One day per week Elders take the senior students and teach them to make jam, clean fish and how to prepare and serve an Elder breakfast. There are also plans to develop a traditional harvesting program for the students.

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